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Slim appearance combined with a transparent plastic

High-performance plastic

Extremely durable and shatterproof

Weather resistance

Resistant to any weather without losing mechanical properties

Dynamic clip

Dynamic clips simplify the mounting of the license plate

Car care

Cleanliness and care - even behind the license plate


Developed, designed, produced and tested: in Germany.

Step I

Attach the Plexiclick to the vehicle straight and symmetrically to each other.

You can also fasten the Plexiclick in the center with just one screw.

Please note that the supplied drill screws are not suitable for threaded inserts (use existing threaded screws if necessary).

If necessary, additional drill holes can be created with the drill screws.

Step II

Place the license plate in the two lower clips at the same time and align the license plate in the center.

Then guide the license plate with a slight downward pressure to the upper clips.


Step III

Latch into one of the upper clips with downward pressure.

If one side is tight, the other side can also be snapped in without any problems.

Now check if silicone pads are to be glued on if necessary.

Due to manufacturing tolerances in license plate sheets, it may happen that the license plate sits securely and tightly even without pads.