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Patented mechanism

Thanks to the patented Plexiclick® clip mechanism, the license plate can be mounted very gently and without damage.

German high-performance plastic

The material used is break-proof, weather-resistant, chemical-resistant and does not yellow.

Highly polished clip area

Thanks to the high-quality workmanship in the visible area, the Plexiclick® keeps the license plates virtually invisible: unique.


"Advertising on the license plate has finally come to an end :) These frameless holders fit perfectly and installation is child's play. A visual upgrade for every vehicle."

Amazon Customer

"The brackets were very easy to attach. The license plates hold very well and very tightly. So far I can only recommend them and would buy them again. Especially because the brackets cannot be seen/recognized."< /em>


"I had attached the license plates to my previous car with Velcro, which is no longer possible with the Ford Focus Mk4, so I looked for an alternative and found it with Plexiclick. Better looks and no more advertising for the car dealership satisfied."

Step 1

Mount two clips per license plate. One screw per clip is also sufficient.

Step II

Place the license plate in both lower clips at the same time.

Step III

First clip one side, then the other. Done.


Teaser for our Plexiclick V3 with Austrian license plate (120mm).


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